Buying a boarding kennel or cattery business is often a life time dream and THE KENNELS AGENCY is  here to help you achieve that dream and are happy to answer as many questions that you care to ask - even if they seem a bit silly to you.  We really don't mind how often you call us because we want everything to be absolutely right and clear for you.

These are wonderful businesses that have proved to be recession proof.  If people cannot go to the Bahamas on holiday when times are tough, they will still take their holidays whatever the economic climate. Boarding trade also comes from social services, hospital stays etc.

These businesses are very family friendly in that there is always someone at home so when children are off school or teachers are on strike, there is no  massive inconvenience re-organising work or the using up of valuable holiday entitlement.  There is no more standing on overcrowded trains, of sitting in heavy or static traffic on the motorway - what total and utter luxury.

Often kennels are in  rural locations offering a real lifestyle change from noisy and crowded towns and cities.

We appreciate it can be difficult to deal with arranging your purchase when you are working which is why we are happy to answer calls out of hours.


Do have a look through our selection of properties and  feel free to call for a chat if you wish to ask for further information. We leave a selection of properties on the site that we have sold - this is merely to give you an idea of what you can get for your money as these businesses come in all shapes and sizes.  There are some properties for sale that are not openly advertised on the site so please do call us if you cannot see what you want on the site as we may still be able to help .

It is very much worth checking out the information on the About Us page - there are lots of useful contacts for arranging insurance, courses etc. 

Finally, when you start your search do speak to our really helpful broker about your requirements.  He will be able to assist with advice on borrowing levels, interest rates  making a business plan, cash flow forecasts, etc.  His name is Kevin Beck and he can be contacted on 01322 558089 or  07801 667420 or