The Kennels Agency is the longest established agency in the UK specialising in the sale of kennel and cattery businesses.

The Kennels Agency began trading in the 1960’s and continues to thrive to the current day in this very niche market.

Every year thousands of miles are travelled visiting each property on our web site (with the exception of the odd overseas property) so that we can advise buyers about the general surroundings, area, design of kennels as well as schools and other facilities in the area.

We endeavour to restrict days out valuing to two days a week as we need to be in the office to deal with the busy phone lines and increasing volume of enquiries as well  chasing existing sales, liaising with banks and solicitors. 

Kennels and catteries come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a small back garden second income hobby business to those with a six figure turnover.  Prices generally start at around £250,000 for a freehold and less for a lease (but these are few and far between) increasing to substantial properties and businesses in excess of £1 million.  There is something to suit everyone!

The Kennels Agency offers an all round service with a very experienced specialist broker who will help with preparing cash flow forecasts and business plans for the lender as well as giving general good advice .

We also appreciate that it can often be difficult to have discussions during the working day so we are very happy to answer the telephone out of normal office hours including weekends.


This is our promise to you:

  • We give honest and transparent appraisals of your property both in terms of marketing and valuation

  • We do not over inflate value to obtain instructions

  • We do not take large amounts of money up front for 'advertising'

  • We do not make you sign onerous and unfair contracts where you owe money if the agent sells your property or not

  • We do not tie you into a minimum period of contract because we don't need to

  • We do go the extra mile

  • We do take calls out of office hours and weekends

  • We do give best advice

  • We do have the best team of legal and financial experts

  • We do take pride in our reputation


Don't just take our word for it... our vendors' and purchasers' 

experiences say it all!

If you are thinking of selling your kennel, read on!

There is much you can do to enhance your chances of achieving a sale – much advice that applies in the residential market is also very relevant to the kennel and cattery market .

The key issue to achieving a sale is for an applicant to be able to borrow so do make sure that when you are ready to go on to the market business accounts are up to date and readily available for inspection if needed by the buyer’s lender.  Delays cost sales and organisation is the key to success.

Having general business information available such as occupancy rates, boarding tariffs and general running costs will also save a lot of time.


First impressions do count –when someone comes to view make sure the entrance is tidy, weed and clutter free.  We are always happy to advise on these points and any minor improvements that can be easily carried out prior to the time of our inspection. 


Do de-clutter – make sure bedrooms are presented as such and not as a store for general clutter.


Do remove litter trays etc and try and keep pets confined during a viewing .

Banks remain cautious with lending post crash and a purcasher will usually require a 50% cash deposit to make a deal viable in terms of borrowing.

Finally, if an agent asks for money in advance be very wary. No professional agent would ask for money to market a property save for pre-agreed expensive national advertising in publications such as Country Life.

We are selling kennel properties because we make the effort. Each enquiry needs to be exploited to maximum capacity; by talking extensively to applicants and listening carefully to their requirements we are able to help them find the ideal kennel or cattery for them. This does not happen from the page of a web site, it happens via interaction with an experienced selling agent. If you have been marketing your property via one of these websites, we would be very happy to hear from you - we are sure we can find a buyer for your property.




Please call Kevin Beck at Fleet Commercial Finance on 01322 558089 or 07801 667420. Kevin can also assist with business plans, cash flow forecasts etc. He is an independent broker and can therefore go to the whole market maximising your chance of obtaining the most competitive deal.  EMAIL:  Kevin - worth a call even if you are not buying through us!