A bona fide agent will discuss in length their purchaser’s requirements and be able to offer immeasurable sound advice and guidance. Matching the kennel to the purchaser is a skill of a good agent – something that is not derived from dealing with a faceless web site!  We love to talk to our purchasers to find out exactly what they would like in an ideal world and we do our best to match them as closely as we can to those requirements.  Most kennel purchasers are going into business for the very first time and need as much assistance and advice as they can get. 


The same of course also applies for vendors – proper marketing advice and experience is invaluable to achieving a sale in such a specialist market and minimising Capital Gains Tax liability.


A professional agent will be able to explain how they have arrived at a valuation figure and back it up with evidence of comparables both in terms of local residential properties and similar sized kennel/cattery properties that have sold.


No professional agent will ask for money in advance except for additional specific national advertising in publications such as Country Life, Horse and Hound etc if required by the vendor.  These special terms would be agreed in writing at the outset.   You should be extremely wary of any agent asking for up-front fees!


Do make sure you have a contract clearly explaining what the commission fee is and any exclusive marketing period which may attract a penalty if the property is withdrawn from sale.  The Kennels Agency does not stipulate a minimum period of instruction so vendors are free to withdraw their property from sale without fear of incurring charges.


A good agent will

  1. Establish the buyer’s purchasing position and financial ability to purchase prior to a viewing.

  2. Confirm all offers in writing.

  3. Regularly check the progress of any transaction with other agents in the chain and report back to the client. 

  4. Advise of potential problems/issues with a transaction and advise at to how  best to deal with them from their extensive experience in this market.

  5. Liaise with solicitors and brokers to ensure smooth passage of the transaction.

  6. Continue to market to obtain back up interest until the transaction completes.

Sometimes confusion can arise from mis-understanding agents jargon/terminology so allow us to clarify:-



We have a range of experts to assist you both in terms of the legal work (conveyancying), finance (business plans, cash flow forecasts etc).  It makes massive sense to use a professional who has experience of the industry - it will save you money and huge amounts of stress in the long run as they will be au fait with transfer of licenses etc. and other such idiosyncrasies within the industry


Sometimes confusion can arise from the misunderstanding jargon/terminology so allow us to clarify:-


A CASH BUYER is exactly that – the buyer has cash funds available.


AN UNENCUMBERED BUYER means the buyer has nothing to sell but may require some borrowing.


SOLD, SUBJECT TO CONTRACT means the property is under offer but legally binding

contracts have not yet been exchanged.


EXCHANGE OF CONTRACTS means the transaction becomes legally binding.


COMPLETION means legal completion of the contract where money is transferred and keys are handed over .


SOLE AGENCY Where one agent is appointed to sell the property – this is usually cheaper than instructing multiple agents.


JOINT SOLE AGENCY this means two agents are instructed to market the property at an agreed commission rate.The fee is divided between them however they wish to do this.This works perhaps when a property is dual purpose – for example with kennels and equestrian so it might make sense to cover both markets with the appropriate specialist agents.


MULTIPLE AGENCY means several agents are instructed and the fee is paid only to the successful selling agent.


SOLE SELLING RIGHTS -this means an agent has the sole right to sell the property meaning that if you sell to a friend, relative or customer the appointed agent is still legally entitled to the commission fee. You should be very wary of signing a SOLE SELLING RIGHT contract.



Here is a selection of useful contacts for the kennel/cattery owner:



Pet Admin -  the market leader in computer software for kennel and cattery management systems.



Cliverton Insurance , 15/17 Norwich Road, Kakenham, Norfolk NR21 8AU  01328 857921

Brooks Braithwaite, 4 Bridge Road Business Park, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1TX  0345 982 5499

NFU Mutual, check your local branch 0808 278 5633 uk

Federaton of Small Businesses
Sir Frank Whittle Way, Blackpool, FY4 2FE       0808 20 20 888




Pedigree Pens Ltd, Station Road, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 5DR.  01684 299567


Designer Kennels,Swordfish Way, Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds LS25 6NG 01977 685500




Windmill Cottage Boarding Kennels provide training courses for people interested in buying a boarding kennels or cattery. See their website for further details or contact Helen Gough (01502 678 172) who will be happy to discuss your requirements.


THE BOARDING KENNEL AND CATTERY MANUAL from the Pet Care Trust is the most comprehensive and informative book on the subject. It is quite expensive but probably the best and comes in ring binder format and covers everything from designing a kennels, dealing with customers, administering medication and managing your booking charts. The Pet Care Trust can be contacted on 01234 273 933 or via their website



Scotts of London 96 Mortimer Crescent, St. Albans Herts, AL3 4GJ 01727 838145

The Red Dot Gallery 7 Fish Hill, Holt NR25 6BD 01263 710287

Mungo and Maud, 79 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9PJ  020 7467 0821

Kristine Wilson

I'm Kristine Wilson of The Kennels Agency.  

I have a broad spectrum of knowledge in the property market from residential agency dealing with high end property in Berkshire, running my own letting agency and commercial business transfer. Coupled with that I also love the way of life with animals and have dogs and horses of my own.  


Nothing would please me more than to own a boarding kennel business but the Agency is so busy and takes up the majority of my time.  This experience and knowledge helps me to help you fulfil your dream - and that is what I do.