The Kennels Agency is the longest established agency in the UK specialising in the sale of kennel and cattery businesses.



Post Covid the world has changed and many potential buyers having been confined in small spaces  in a city or town where a green patch is at a premium will now be looking to the countryside which has also proved to be significantly safer with less risk of infection.. A garden or outdoor space has become a more pressing consideration for buyers in recent weeks.


Buyers will look to move to well-connected towns and villages which have sufficient amenities to allow them to work from home more often or even the possibility of working from home as a business.


The potential for a rural renaissance comes at a time when country property looks increasingly good value compared to prime houses and flats in what have traditionally been our most desirable towns and cities.


A kennel or cattery boarding business offers the ideal opportunity.  Most kennels are in a rural location and the benefits of working for oneself are immeasurable. Although kennels have lost business due to the lock down, there is evidence of backward pressure building where, when permitted, people will just want to get away and kennels will be full to bursting with business.  As of Monday 22nd February when the PM announced end of lockdown in June, the kennel and cattery telephones are hugely busy with bookings coming in thick and fast - strong evidence of an  early recovery which we knew would always happen. During the last recession of 2008/9, kennels sailed through this blip because where people could not afford to holiday abroad they still took their holidays in the UK or as weekend breaks so kennel income remained virtually unaffected. 


These businesses are family friendly - no need to take time off work with a poorly child at home from school - you are there already, no hours of your life wasted sat in traffic jams inhaling noxious fumes, you decide what hours you work and the harder you work, you more you reap the benefits of that success - not someone else. So the idea of working with animals and working for yourself has always held a certain appeal, now is the time to do something about it. 

If you are thinking of selling your kennel, read on!

There is much you can do to enhance your chances of achieving a sale – much advice that applies in the residential market is also very relevant to the kennel and cattery market .

The key issue to achieving a sale is for an applicant to be able to borrow funding from the bank.  It is essential therefore that that when you are ready to go on to the market business accounts are up to date and readily available for inspection if needed by the buyer’s lender.  A lender will usually require three full year's of audited accounts.  Delay can cost sales and organisation is the key to success.

Having general business information available such as occupancy rates, boarding tariffs and general running costs will also save a lot of time.


First impressions do count enormously for an applicant who is viewing so do ensure the entrance is tidy, weed and clutter free.  We are always happy to advise on these points and on any other minor improvements that can be easily carried out prior to the time of our inspection. 


Do de-clutter – make sure bedrooms are presented as such and not as a store for general clutter.


Do remove litter trays etc and try and keep pets confined during a viewing .

Banks remain cautious with lending  and as a general rule a purchaser will  require a 50% cash deposit to make a deal viable in terms of borrowing.

Finally, please note that if an agent asks for money in advance you should be very wary. No professional agent would ask for money to market a property save for pre-agreed expensive national advertising in publications such as Country Life.

We are selling kennel properties because we make the effort. Each enquiry needs to be exploited to maximum capacity; by talking extensively to applicants and listening carefully to their requirements we are able to help them find the ideal kennel or cattery. This does not happen from the page of a web site, it happens via interaction with an experienced selling agent. If you have been marketing your property via one of these websites, we would be very happy to hear from you - we are sure we can find a buyer for your property.




Please call Kevin Beck at Fleet Commercial Finance on 01322 558089 or 07801 667420. Kevin can also assist with business plans, cash flow forecasts etc. He is an independent broker and can therefore go to the whole market maximising your chance of obtaining the most competitive deal.  EMAIL:  Kevin - worth a call even if you are not buying through us!